Ways to Earn Points

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500 Points

Every RM100 purchase

200 Points

RM300 and above total order extra

100 Points

Birthday Treat


x2 Points (e.g. Member Day and other promotions)


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Q&A for Zush loyaltly points

For every RM1 you will get 2 Points automatically after each purchase.

Purchases that are worth RM150 in a single order, will get 300 points.

Additionals notes

Users will only earn points on the AMOUNT PAID that has deducted the coupon discount.

E.g. Users can only earn points on RM20 worth of purchase which has been deducted from the total cart of RM30 by using the RM10 coupon

For every 50 points earned you are eligible to get RM1


If you REDEEM 250 points in a single order, you will get RM5 OFF.

It’s quick and easy to check your point balance. You’ll need to be logged in to view your points. Once you do, you can check your point balance at ‘My Account’. We also send emails accordingly, no worries we won’t spam your inbox!

For the time being, we do not apply this functionality so you don’t have to worry if any expiration happens!


If we do! you will be notified and Your redeemable points balance will expire if you haven’t made a purchase in the last couple of months. This ensures that all of our members are still active on the website.

You’ll be automatically notified informing you about how many points that are there and the corresponding discount that you can have on the next purchase. The message will be visible on the cart page and they can decide whether TO USE IT or NOT

There are no limitations placed on how often and/or how many total points you can earn by purchasing any of our products or items.

Via EMAIL, You will receive an email notification each time your balance changes or when you earn, redeem or lose points, as well as point expiration notifications.

Terms and Conditions

  • Members shall have to redeem the Rewards within the validity period at www.zush.com.my . If a member fails to redeem the Rewards within the validity period, the Rewards considered canceled and the respective points shall not be returned to the member.
  • The Rewards will be mailed to the email address as provided by the member during registration. Please check your spam/junk folder or firewall settings, as they may be blocking our response.
  • Any kind of Rewards is one-time use only and cannot be exchanged into cash.
  • Member has to be solely responsible if the Rewards are lost or used by any third party due to leakage or fraud.
  • Rewards and Birthday Rewards shall be used subject to their respective terms and conditions. Member must use the Rewards within the validity period. Any expired Rewards cannot be used.
  • After the created/sending of Rewards or Birthday Rewards, member cannot amend, cancel or return the Rewards.
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