This time around, ZUSH landed a collaboration with a well-known Malaysian artist; DRIBBLACK to come out with a limited edition jersey

UNITY PATRIOT reminiscent of Malaysian Independence Day.

DRIBBLACK’s own signature in his work of art, and ZUSH has relentlessly experimented in the sportswear arena,
meeting for a collaboration that extends the limits of two fields to vigorously support their country and
its interests with devotion aligned with the meaning of PATRIOT.

Therefore, the UNITY PATRIOT jersey was born.



Every jersey comes with a serial number that is printed on the inside part of the jersey.


220gsm Heavy Blend ARCTIX Fabric – This semi-thick microfibre made for maximised comfort and a confidence
booster, regardless of the weather that wearer into.

V-Polo Collar – This trendy collar represents a retro touch to the jersey and make it appropriate in any occasion
weather it is sports or casual.

Premium Detailings – With woven patch logo and precise stitching apply on the jersey, making it a top-tier classification.